Some Sounds Sound like a Big Drum Pan


The Redefinition of 
"Welfare Queen"

Inspired by a talk for Women's Equality day at the office by Claudia De La Cruz and moderated by our very own, Idalín Bobé. The term "welfare queen" was a dogwhistle by conservative circles that sold a false narrative to the American people regarding working-class women of color.

Meanwhile, the true beneficiaries of government assistance are the "too-big-to-fail" financial institutions and behemoth corporations that continue to game the system via cronyism and bribery.


Kyle Lowry is the Greatest Raptor of All Time

Originally designed just as the Raptors won the 2019 NBA Championship. This poster was inspired by old concert posters—we're talking James Brown era. Great posters from this era. This was Kyle's team. Thank you for everything, Dr.Lowry. From North Philly to your city!


Born in Toronto, raised in 'Sauga. EYEJAMMY aka EVERYBODY'S KUYA, aka Dante La Rock is a Product Designer by day, and loves all things design, music and all kinds of other things that are described as "dope". 

A Southern California resident, he remains a faithful fan of the Toronto Raptors, his hometown team (We the North). Done talk.